Made in Australia
Audiophile and Home Theatre
Professionally Engineered Products to Enhance A/V Performance
  • Audiophile and Home Theatre equipment operation
  • Commercial and Corporate multimedia installations
  • Total Home Automation and Security Systems
    Sequenced Power Interface
    Power Filter for HI FI
    Eliminate power crosstalk with six isolated outlets.
    Protect attached equipment by sequencing power.
    Stop costly, polluting and wasteful standby power.
    Shielded Mains IEC lead
    Armoured power cable
    Shielding from mains radiated noise
    Audiophile grade IEC power lead
    Shielding from induced mains noise
    Heavy duty power conductor
    Custom lengths available
    Remote Power Control
    Remote Power Switch
    Safely switch 240 or 110 volt mains Power
    Remote operation over Signal wire
    Control audio visual Equipment
    Switch full 2400 watt Mains
    No Electrician needed

    “Pure performance can only be achieved by the professional use of a combination of measures. For each that is missing, the sum of the remainder is greatly diminished. and performance compromised”
    Another professional product from the 30 year design experience of Boolean Engineering Pty. Ltd.

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